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Tonight I went for a run without my Garmin.  For any non-runners out there – running without a Garmin is like going on a roadtrip without a destination, map or set time in mind.  You just…go.

Normally my wrist feels naked when I don’t have it on.  But tonight I chose to leave it at home because I didn’t want to worry about my pace/mileage/heart rate.  My half is on Saturday and at this point, I’m as prepared as I’ll ever be.  I just wanted to take a break from studying, get out of the house and listen to music.  Instead of staring at my wrist, I enjoyed the warm evening, watched the sun set and said hello to about five other runners doing the same thing :).

My point is – not every workout needs to be your hardest/fastest/strongest.  Just being outside – whether its going for a walk with a friend, a run with your iPod or an easy bike ride – is a great mental break from your day.  Start taking advantage of this gorgeous weather and do anything you possibly can outside.

Today I visited two great farmers’ markets in Philly.  I’ll have details tomorrow, but I’ll leave you with a preview of what breakfast will involve…  Get excited ;)

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