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On Wednesday I spent my morning exploring the Union Square Farmers’ Market.  I hate to admit it, but I really never spent much time here while I lived in the city.  Trips to Union Square were reserved for Trader Joe’s…and by the time I was finished there, I was too weighed down with groceries/wine to shop for anything else!

This farmers’ market is New York City’s largest – and I ended up spending a solid two hours walking around.  Since I was just a visitor in town, I didn’t want to buy any fruits or vegetables because they’d go to waste.  So the next best thing?  Baked goods :).  I ended up spending a lot of time speaking with a different bakers and learned that in order to be in this market, all the ingredients used in their products must be made with local ingredients.  I’ve noticed that local is definitely valued more than organic at farmers’ markets.  Each baker was more enthusiastic than the next in offering information and I felt bad walking away empty handed…sooo I ended up with three muffins and a cookieApparently I keep bakers in business :).

There were also a ton of meat stands.  I’m not a big meat eater. If fact, I didn’t eat any meat for more than two years.  And while I recently brought red meat back into my diet, I’ve had no desire to buy it and cook it myself…until now.  I loved that I was able to speak with the farmer and learn about their practices.  I’ll have to find out if any Philly markets sell meat!

I also found plenty of gorgeous Jersey tomatoes and apples from local orchards…and indulged in a 9:30am wine tasting.  When in Rome, right?  ;)

Some more interesting finds included edible flowers, rhubarb jam (which I bought – they gave me a sample…I couldn’t say no), and farm fresh eggs.  I need to find these in Philly!  I recently read about the difference in taste between farm fresh and store-bought and I’m anxious to see for myself.  Don’t worry, I’ll find them asap and report back.  And how pretty are these edible flowers??  I would love to be able to serve them in a salad!

I’m heading South for the weekend, but I’ll be back next week with a new market visit.  Have a great weekend!

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